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A Sneak Peek into Some of the Coolest Latest Cars


For most people, buying a car comes only second to buying a home when it comes to the biggest financial decisions in life. Buyers are literally spoilt for choice as there are a lot of cool cars from which to choose including various brand new models. Many of the vehicles are also available as salvage options at cars auctions online. Salvagebid has a large inventory of repairable salvage cars, featuring multiple options, including some of the most desirable cars to have hit the market. Let’s take a sneak peek into some of the coolest and latest cars on the market today.

2020 Chevrolet Corvette

The redesigned 2020 Chevrolet Corvette represents a huge advance in sports car design. It features a mid-engine layout that is characteristic of supercars for enhanced performance. The position of the engine also greatly improves the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette’s handling and driving dynamics.

2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia

The 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia is a sophisticated sports sedan with a seductive shape that delivers breathtaking performance and acceleration. A turbocharged four-cylinder engine producing 280 horsepower comes standard but you can also go for a 505 horsepower Quadrifoglio model or all-wheel drive for two of the more basic trims.

2020 Mercedes-Benz CLS

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLS coupe-like sedan is among the first to combine a swept back shape with a four door design. You can go with a 369 or 429 horsepower turbocharged straight six engine. All wheel drive comes standard on the 429 horsepower option.

2020 Toyota Supra

The 2020 Toyota Supra sports car is the result of cooperation between Toyota and BMW. It has a six-cylinder engine under its curvaceous hood coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission to deliver 335 horsepower. The car is gifted with even better looks than the BMW Z4 from which it was engineered.

2020 Mazda Miata

The convertible 2020 Mazda MX-5 Miata keeps the model’s reputation as a sleek performance bargain intact. It is lightweight and tiny, agile, and handles winding roads perfectly. It is powered by a four cylinder engine that delivers 181 horsepower.

The Last Word

In addition to the aforementioned, other notable cars include the 2020 Mazda3, 2020 Lexus LC, 2020 Genesis G70, 2020 Acura NSX, and 2020 Honda Civic Type-R, many of which can be found in our online auctions. Browse through the available deals in our car auctions online to take your pick. To learn more about Salvagebid’s online auto auctions or discuss your requirements with our experienced and knowledgeable representatives, simply call +1 (360) 347-1300 between 6:00 AM and 3:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time), Monday through Friday, or email

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