A Sneak Peek into 5 “Great” Boats of the Decade


One of the many ways Americans unwind and partake in adventure is through boating. Exploring the sea, after all, is a far too different experience than the land. Fortunately, various companies have manufactured countless vessels over time, which boating enthusiasts have used for angling to diving, among other water-based recreational activities. To give you a head start when shopping for a boat, we list five “greats” of the decade, which remain popular at auctions offering salvage boats for sale.

1. Albury Brothers 23

The Albury Brothers 23, introduced two decades back, is one of the most balanced and stable center consoles you can find at our salvage boats auctions. A perfect companion for both in- and off-shore fishing, it’s smooth, trailerable, and remains the manufacturer’s most prominent invention. The boat floats seamlessly even during high waves – thanks to its full forward bow and low center of gravity. As mentioned by Bob Chew of Albury Brothers, the 23 is like a dolphin gliding through the water.

2. Boston Whaler 370 Outrage

There are a few boats that rise over water as the Boston Whaler 370 Outrage. Introduced in 2010, the super-size vessel is a classic example of a trustable boat that offers multiple amenities and is good for executing a variety of activities: from fishing to fast-cruising expeditions and lounging. Capable of a top speed of 55 mph, this award-winning vessel has several cool features that range from an electrically adjustable captain’s seat, a huge storage compartment, and a console cabin housing a double berth for overnighting.

3. Cobia 296

The Cobia 296 became a hit with anglers when the Maverick Boat Company bought the brand in 2005. It’s one of the best performance-packed boats today that comes with high quality deck layouts, a trait that most families want in their fishing boats. The Cobia 296 has a transom bulkhead, with 28-gallons of elliptical livewells. There’s also two 40-gallon insulated fish boxes inside the cockpit sole that you can use to store more fish and bait.

4. EdgeWater 318CC

Looking for an ideal saltwater fishing boat chiseled with ample fishing space? The EdgeWater 318CC has got what you need. It’s one of the strongest and lightest boats out there – thanks to its all-composite construction. The EdgeWater 318CC offers approximately 10-foot of center console. Other key features include a 28-gallon transom livewell, a 66-gallon transom fish box, and a 58-quart removable cooler under the forward console seat. Given the boat’s size – 31-foot long – it is an ideal fit for people just starting out at boating.

5. Cutwater 242 Sport Coupe

Cutwater is a name famous for innovative engineering in the boating world. In fact, people looking for salvage boats for sale often prefer the Cutwater models as the boats offer unmatched comfort, handling, and multiple ingenious features. The Cutwater 242 Sport Coupe, for instance, comes with an airy a cabin that only a few offer in its class. Other attributes that separate it from the clutter include an electric grill that has a fully rigged livewell underneath, for maximum space utilization.


Many other boats, from center consoles, cruisers, cuddy cabins, to bowriders are also available at salvage boats auctions at affordable prices. Whether you are seeking vessels for business or one for recreational activities, SalvageBid has everything under one hood. Check out our extensive collection of salvage boats for sale today and grab one of the cool deals on offer. Browse through available options, or give us a call at (360) 347-1300, for more information.

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