A little Motorcycle Sidecar History


Motorcycles with sidecars saw significant increase in their production from the manufacturing efforts of WWII. BMW, Ural, Harley Davidson, Norton, and many other motorcycle manufacturers increased sidecar production to provide the troops of their respective countries methods in which to deftly maneuver through inaccessible (by larger vehicles) terrain while allowing passengers to operate light weaponry. Nowadays, your passenger can operate a cell-phone, or perhaps a snack. No weaponry needed.

Ural is reported to have its development origins via the Russian military when the Soviet Union was able to smuggle a small number of BMW R71 motorcycles into the hands of their engineers. After completely disassembling and reverse engineering the prestige of German motorcycle design – the Ural was born. They weren’t available to the public until the late 1950’s, but now: you can have your own modern reinterpretation of history.

Salvagebid has many clean and salvage title motorcycles available, and there’s always the option of adding a sidecar of your own after purchase.

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