A Checklist for Buying a Salvage Recreational Vehicle

A Checklist for Buying a Salvage Recreational Vehicle


The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association reported a 40-year increase in 2016 sales owing to a rise in the number of young people with a penchant for outdoor life. Such a peak can only compare to the period before the 70s gas crisis. In its survey of manufacturers for the month of September 2019, the association found that RV shipments went up 2.2% compared to September 2018. Many shoppers looking to find bargains on a range of makes and models browse through damaged RVs for sale available at Salvagebid.com. To help you get started, we present a list of the things to check when buying a salvage recreational vehicle. 

Getting Started

Before we delve into what you need to check when going through insurance salvage RVs for sale, it is important to first take note of the items that you must bring along for the exercise.   You will need:

  • Work gloves
  • Tape measure – To ascertain if your fittings will fit.
  • Multi-tip screwdriver – to remove trim pieces and allow you to look behind panels
  • Small mirror – to get a look at hard to reach places
  • Rags for checking fluid levels
  • Flashlight
  • Rubber-soled shoes – To allow you access to the RV roof without damaging it

Exterior Checks

1. General Checks2. Wheels
Overall AppearanceTread wear
Seals and Caulking Age of tires
Rust/Dirt lines (Leaks)Wheel rim condition
Damage to Trim PiecesTrim piece damage
Headlights & Running lightsSidewall Damage/Cracking
External fittingsPressure
Awning – operation/conditionProtection when not in use
Exterior doors, windows, screens
Slide-out condition

3. Equipment & Connections4. Storage Compartments
Power connectorLeakage signs
Freshwater fill connectionLights & Sliding trays
Cabin batteries & disconnector switchDoor & Latch operation
InverterSeal, belts, batteries, hoses condition
Drain hose storage areaSuspension, exhaust system, and exhaust color at startup
Outside shower faucetSigns of water pooling
Generator condition/hours/Fluid/operation/noiseSolar panels, wiring,  Ladder
Propane tank lines and connectionAir conditioner, plumbing lines, holding tanks
HitchVents and vent hoods
Winterizing connectionSkylights
Fresh, gray & black water drains & hosesCondition of wires, seals & caulking

Interior Checks

5. Driving Area6. Living Area
Doors, latches, hinges, panelsFloor plan & Flooring condition (signs of rodents)
Window, vent & lock operationWall condition (soft spots/stains, etc)
Windshield, wipers, washerWindows & Screen condition & Operation
GPS, CB radio, Alarm system, Remote startCurtains & Blinds
Seat belts, seat adjustmentCeiling condition
Rearview monitor/Rearview mirror & adjustmentDoor – Latches, locks & hinges
Leveling system, transmission lever, Emergency brake & release, trailer brakes, hornCabinetry/Drawer – Size, operation, condition
Condition of flooringExhaust vents and ceiling fans
Cup holders, storage areasCondition of sofas, chairs & tables
Air suspension controlsSlide operation & seal condition
7. Kitchen Area8. Bathroom9. Utilities/Accessories/Safety
Countertop & cabinet space (condition)Toilet operationFresh water tanks – condition/leaks
Sink size/condition/seals/caulking/leaksSigns of Leaks/OdorWater pump – condition, pressure & function (turns on when the tap is open and vice versa)
Microwave, Freezer, refrigerator, gas stove & stovetop (Condition/operation)Sink, vanity, tub, shower – condition/leaksTaps & Drains (condition & function)
Filtered water tap & filtersShower skylight and exhaust fan condition and operationFurnace & airconditioner – controls, airflow through all vents, filters, amount of heat/cold
Any other appliancesCheck behind access panelsAC & DC power – availability on shore hookup, generator & inverter

Check the black tank for solid waste using a flashlightPower to all outlets

Solar panel, breakers – Operation.Water heater and water pump operation.

Television, AV equipment, entertainment hookups & controls

Fire extinguishers, emergency exit windows, alarm system. Smoke, carbon monoxide & propane detectors 

Get Insurance Salvage RVs Online

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