6 Reasons You Should be Talking About Salvage Auto Auctions


Some people stay away from salvage auto auctions. Some are not familiar with how to assess or repair vehicle damage. Some just aren’t sure how auctions work. Others may have specific concerns about auction. Many don’t even know that salvage auto auctions exist.

The good news for all parties is: Knowledge is Power! Knowing about car repairs: Good! Knowing how auctions work: Good! Overcoming fear by gaining knowledge: Very good! So whether you relate to these types or you are a seasoned bidder, talking about salvage auto auctions will add to your own knowledge as well as those around you. Here are 12 reasons to get talking.

1) Talking about salvage auto auctions will improve your own understanding of salvage auto auctions. We’ll go ahead and start this list off with something self-serving. Remember in school when teachers would have students teach students? They weren’t just being lazy – this is actually a great way to learn! You will refine and clarify your own knowledge as you explain things and answer questions. If you talk about a topic enough, I guarantee you will get a question that you had never even thought of. Then you get to go out and learn the answer to it!

2) Talking about salvage auto auctions makes them seem less scary. Your grandmother or coworker or whoever may avoid salvage auto auctions because they may not know much about them. Most people fear the unknown, and they may not know that they can participate, or that they can visit a vehicle in person before bidding, or that many cars don’t need significant repairs. Tell people about your experience, and they will feel more comfortable with taking similar actions now that they have an idea how it all goes. Now loved ones on a fixed income can get an affordable theft-recovery at auction!

3) Car owners benefit from knowing basic car repair skills. You did some great work on that last rebuild – check out the paint job that hides all the scratches, the new belts in the engine, that stunning new stereo. Enjoy the jealousy for a bit, but then share the joy! Tell people about your repair and rebuild successes. People in your life will be excited for you and may even want to follow your lead, inspired to follow suit and install a stereo in their own car. Now you both enjoy your cars more. Win!

4) Salvage Auto Auctions are a great, neutral conversation option when you are sick and tired of discussing politics, relationship drama, and dinner plans.

5) Salvage auto auctions always have new inventory. Did you see that Model T that sold the other day? How about the 2015 Porsche? The industrial truck that had burnt down to a pile of twisted metal? With new vehicles added daily, there is always a reason to check back and new listings to get excited about.

6) Bragging rights. When you save thousands on a Lamborghini, how could you possibly keep the excitement to yourself!? Tell everyone you know how savvy and fiscally intelligent you are. Go ahead, brag it up.

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