Salvage Chevy Silverado

5 Upgrades for Salvage Chevy Silverado Owners


The Chevy Silverado is truly a tough truck that outlasts most of its competition. It is a great truck that can be made even better with a few cool mods and upgrades. If you wish to own a Chevy Silverado truck, online salvage auctions feature multiple options with different types and varying degrees of damage. Salvagebid auctions featuring wrecked trucks for sale help many car buyers looking to save on their next car. If a Chevy Silverado is your kind of ride, here are some of the upgrades that you can consider before getting it back on the road. 

1. Side Step Bars

Side Step Bars are a multifunctional mod that must be at the top of your list. They give your ride a well-deserved aggressive look, assist you and your passengers in getting in and out of the vehicle, and also give it additional protection. They are especially helpful if you install a lift kit.

2. Lift Kit

A lift kit is a good way to increase your Chevy Silverado’s ground clearance. The best part is that the kit is very easy to install meaning you can take on the project as a DIY. You will love the enhanced ride quality after installing a lift kit and you won’t need to worry about ride spacers. Never mind the rather intimidating amount of parts that make up the kit as the whole assembly process is just a breeze. 

3. Lowering Kit

If you prefer reducing your truck’s ground clearance instead, a lowering kit is just the thing for you. Apart from a little cutting and drilling, the whole installation process is fairly simple. Just remember to opt for a lowering kit made by a name that is known for premium quality. 

4. Front Recovery Bumper

Made from reinforced coiled steel, a front recovery bumper presents a great way to boost your Chevy Silverado’s armor. The added layer of armor comes in handy if you hit something with your car or get involved in an accident. 

5. Single Exhaust System

A single exhaust system is one of the go-to upgrades when looking to boost the performance of your Chevy Silverado. You can spruce up the aesthetics by going for a polished tip. This is an upgrade that is also easy to install and allows you to maintain the original exhaust system configuration. What’s more, you get all the necessary mounting hardware and clamps. 


You can also go for a host of other mods and upgrades including under-seat storage boxes, stainless steel window trim, modular intake tube, and rear-wheel well guards. Register today to start participating in Salvagebid auctions featuring wrecked trucks for sale. Our knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate team is always ready to answer your questions about salvage title trucks for sale available in our online auctions. Simply call +1 (360) 347-1300, 6:00 AM to 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, Monday to Friday. 

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