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5 Tips to Rebuild Your Salvage Car


Buying a salvage car not only helps you save money, it also gives you an opportunity to customize your ride to your exact requirements and preferences. There are lots of salvage cars that are still in great condition and you can choose from a range of makes and models available at Salvagebid online salvage auctions. Salvage car restoration can be a fun project that you can do yourself if you know your way around cars and have the necessary tools and equipment. In this blog, we’re presenting five tips for rebuilding a salvage car. Read on.

Get familiar with local rules and regulations

There is a lot that you need to learn, especially if you decide to restore the car yourself. One of the most important things is checking local rules and regulations pertaining to the retitling of salvage cars. Contact your local DMV (if you’re in the US) for more information, as it changes from state to state.

Create ample space

Car restoration work takes up a lot of space, that is why you need to make sure that it is available before any work can begin. Remember that you will typically need two cars worth of space to store a dismantled vehicle. If your home work area doesn’t give you enough space, you might want to rent a garage for the project.

Maintain detailed records

In some states, rules and regulations pertaining to the retitling of salvage cars require detailed restoration records. Apart from being a state requirement, doing so also serves your interests. The documents come in handy during the vehicle inspection and can speed up the process. Keep all the paperwork safe and also document every stage through photographs.

Find original parts

It’s best to use original (known as an original equipment manufacturer, or OEM) parts when restoring a salvage car. This is because using OEM parts ensures better value if you want to flip the car for a profit. It also improves your chances of getting insurance coverage for the vehicle.

Arrange for an inspection and the necessary paperwork

After completing restoration work, start making arrangements for the car to be inspected by the Department of Motor Vehicles. This allows you to get a title change for your vehicle once it is cleared for road safety. It will feature a decal from the inspector to the effect that it has been cleared and you can proceed to fill out the necessary paperwork and pay a fee to get it rebranded.


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