Salvage Car Restoration

5 Tips for Restoring a Salvage Car


After buying a car through a salvage car auction, restoration is typically the next step. Besides making your ride street legal, restoration helps ensure that your ride is aesthetically pleasing and serves you for years. In most cases, it is an important step to get a title change from the DMV. Salvagebid gives an opportunity to buy your favorite car for significantly less when you participate in our salvage car auctions. Let’s look at some handy tips that you could use when restoring a salvage car.

Know the rules and regulations

Your first stop should be checking local rules and regulations. In most states, you will have to get the vehicle towed to your garage as it is illegal to drive salvage vehicles on public roads. Checking local rules and regulations also helps you know the nature of documentation that has to go into the restoration project, whether documents or pictures, to get a rebuilt title in the end.

Create ample space

Car restoration is not exactly a walk in the park as you need to be adequately equipped for the mechanical repair work that comes with it. Make sure you are aware of your capability and turn to professional mechanics if you or your garage aren’t up to the task at hand. You will most likely need more space than just a single garage, depending on its size. Consider renting garage space if you don’t have enough in your own garage.

Use original parts

Whether you plan to flip the car for a profit or use it yourself, installing original parts brings many advantages. First it helps the car perform better for longer, safer, and you’re more likely to get insurance coverage at the best rates. You also stand to get more money if you plan to flip the vehicle.

Maintain detailed records

Most states require that you maintain detailed records of the restoration work including photos. Apart from complying with said requirement, the practice is also in your best interests when it comes to the inspection process. The paperwork and visuals also come in handy when looking to sell the car in future.

Last Word

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