5 Facts to Consider When Participating in a Salvage Car Auction


Buying salvage titled vehicles fits the bill for every car enthusiast who wants to buy their dream car, without having to break the bank. If you wish to own one but do not wish to face the rush of local salvage yards and pre-owned car dealers, simply register with a reputable salvage car auction website such as Salvagebid.com. Online salvage car auction sales websites have an extensive inventory of vehicles from which prospective buyers can choose and bid on their favourite models. Continuing on the subject, we present five facts you should know when participating in an online auto auction. Read on.

1. Buy-It-Now Option

There are situations when you may find vehicles stamped as ‘buy-it-now’ in some auto auctions. This means that the sellers want to sell off these vehicles immediately at the listed price. To buy these cars, buyers need to get registered with the auction site. When opting for the buy-it-now option, it is important to remember that all the regular fees remain unaffected.

2. Preliminary Bidding

Preliminary bidding is the phase prior to the live auction where the bidders enter the maximum bid on their chosen vehicle. The highest preliminary bid will be the starting bid at the live auction. In some cases, vehicles are won at a price below the bidder’s maximum bid, though that doesn’t stop the bidder from participating in the auction.

3. The bid doesn’t include all of the auction fees

Most buyers are confused about this aspect of an auction. The bidding amount only includes the price a buyer pays for the vehicle. All other disbursements such as the auction fees, documentation fees and transportation costs are excluded from the bidding amount. Buyers can, however, easily calculate the total fee using the fee calculator provided below the auction boxes of vehicles.

4. Bid on more than one vehicle at a time

You need to be a premium member of an online auto-auction site to bid on more than one vehicle at a time. In addition, some of the salvage vehicle dealers also ask for a separate deposit if the buyer is interested in bidding on multiple vehicles. If you are participating in USA salvage car auction sales, you will need to get a premium membership of the auction company to bid on more than one vehicle at the same time.

5. Activate a pending bid

Once you find your bid in the pending status, you need to contact your online auto auction broker and request a reactivation for your pending bid. To do so you only need to place a refundable security deposit of the intended maximum bid of the proposed vehicle. You also may have to upload a copy of your ID.

Planning to Buy One? Your Search Ends at Salvagebid

Online salvage vehicle auctions offer many advantages to budget-conscious buyers, and the most obvious benefit is value for money. These pointers hold true only if you’re registered with a reputed salvage vehicle auction website such as Salvagebid.com. If you are looking for auction salvage vehicles for sale in the USA, look no further. Register with us to start bidding on your dream car. For more info, fill out our contact form or simply call +1 (360) 347-1300.

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