5 Easy-to-Restore Classic Cars You Can Find on Salvagebid


If you’re thinking about buying a stylish classic car but want to save some money, consider buying a used or salvage vehicle for a restoration project. On Salvagebid, you can find a huge inventory of salvage classic cars sold directly from IAA auction yards, and you can bid on and buy them all without a dealer license. 

Though many luxurious cars produced before the 1980s often require bodywork or engine repair, some of them are pretty easy to restore. Depending on the car’s make, model, condition, and availability of parts, the restoration work may be minimal or involve some difficulties. 

Below, you’ll find a list of the most easy-to-restore classic cars that are available on Salvagebid. Parts for these cars are typically easy to come by.

Ford Mustang 1964 – 1968

Mustangs are beloved by many car fans, are readily available through online auto auctions,  and will never go out of style. They have a huge base of experts who can give you advice on restoring your Ford Mustang, so support will never become a problem. Also, a lot of stores still produce all the necessary parts for these cars. 

You can find a great number of Ford Mustang on Salvagebid, just follow the link

Tip: some specialists recommend using lacquer thinner instead of the paint stripper if you’re removing an interior paint from the doors of  ’64-’68 Mustang vehicles.

Chevrolet Camaro 1967 – 1969

With many up for auction on Salvagebid, parts for the Chevy Camaro are as available as for the Ford Mustang. Due to reliability and speed, the Camaro can be turned into a powerful muscle car thanks to an enormous amount of aftermarket performance parts available.

Tip: Camaros often rust around the bottom of the rear window. That happens because of a poorly designed window channel where water can easily pool. More rust pots are usually found on the metal interior panels. So, check these areas before starting the restoration of your Camaro.

Dodge Charger 1968 – 1970

Gorgeous, powerful and stylish: the Charger is a perfect choice for restoration. Many classic car fans claim the Dodge Charger to be one the best muscle cars ever made, so reselling your Charger after restoration won’t be an issue. Also, finding parts for this car is not a problem at all as they are sold in many stores, while the body and trim pieces are always on stock at the market.

You can find a variety of Dodge Charger vehicles on Salvagebid right here.

Chevrolet Corvette 1978 – 1982 

Corvettes produced in the late seventies to early eighties can be called some of the most beautiful cars ever produced, and demand for them is high even today. Shopping for Corvette parts is a pretty easy task, as many online stores offer almost anything you may need. 

A wide choice of Chevy Corvettes is available on Salvagebid on this page.

Tip: a well-maintained Corvette usually requires very little mechanical restoration, however, it’s recommended to change the battery and all the fluids no matter how old they are. 

Oldsmobile Cutlass 1968 – 1972

Restoring a salvage Oldsmobile Cutlass is a definitely good idea. Because of the popularity of ‘68 – ‘72 models, most engine components are easy to find. Finding suspension and brake parts for the Cutlass is pretty easy, while getting the needed exterior parts can become a kind of challenge, but still they are possible to find.

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Find your classic car

The list above refers to the classic cars you can find on Salvagebid based on their availability and the availability of their parts. There are many more makes and models that you can buy and restore, such as the Chevy Nova, Chevy Bel Air, and Ford Falcon. Sign up with Salvagebid to find a cheap classic car and start your restoration project! 

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