5 Characteristics that Prove Men’s Affection for Cars


Many stories and articles abound highlighting the affection that men globally have for cars. Whether they own brand new autos or restored a repairable car, men’s affection towards their rides is second to none. Irrespective of a car’s make, model, and condition, men treat them as prized possessions, showering them with all their love and care. In this blog post, we highlight some of the crazy things that men do with their rides. Read on to find relatable obsessions.

1. Naming a Car

A car is their baby, and babies have names. So their prized possession got to have a name, too. Naming the car gives it a personal touch, something that even customizing the car fails to achieve.

2. Turning to Check a Ride after Parking

Car owners simply cannot have enough of their ride and every time they park it, they turn around to look. No, its nothing to do with how the car is parked or whether they have forgotten to lock it, but they turn around just to check it out. The turn has somewhat become customary, and if a car owner doesn’t turn around at least once to look at their vehicle, then it’s like they have bought a wrong car.

3. Washing a Car for Hours

Car owners want their car should be the cleanest and brightest on the road. To make sure it happens they are ready to spend hours washing and cleaning their pride-and-joy. Cleaning the car is not limited to car soap and water washing, but also involves tire shining and rim shining.

4. Parking in the Same Spot

As the number of cars are increasing, parking has emerged as a major concern. It doesn’t bother most car owners, though they have a ‘favorite’ parking spot. Whether they are parking the car at home, college, office, they generally park at the same place every time.

5. Checking Out Other Cars

Even though they own a machine, it doesn’t stops them from checking out a nice import in a parking lot somewhere. It can be their dream car, a fancy sports or luxury car that catches their attention. Some even go to the extent of taking a few pictures of the auto from different angles.

The Bottom Line

These five obsessions are just an overview, as men do many more crazy stuff with their cars. If you wish to buy your favorite car on budget, check out pre-owned or salvage cars at online auctions. SalvageBid, on online car auction site, offers a comprehensive range of pre-owned, salvage, repairable, and damaged cars for sale. If you wish to learn more about the bidding process, you can email us at info@salvagebid.com or simply call us at +1 (360) 347-1300.

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