4 Red Flags You Must Watch Out For When Buying a Used Salvage Jeep


The joy of owning a Jeep is hard to explain in words. As a jeep owner, you love every bit of attention that you get when you drive your classic, rugged, ready-for-action vehicle out of the driveway. But, if you are a jeep lover who has been procrastinating your jeep buying decision because you can’t afford a new one, you can always go for a used or salvage Jeep from the public salvage car auctions held at SalvageBid.com.


Don’t just get swayed by the tough looks of a jeep, check for leakages. A loud, or hissing exhaust or oil dripped in the driveway are good indicators of leakage. But besides such leakages that are obvious to the eyes, what about the ones that aren’t easily detectable. We are talking about leaks such as carbon monoxide leaking inside your vehicle, which may not be very obvious. To ensure there aren’t any leaks, it is a good idea to have the Jeep thoroughly inspected by an experienced mechanic.

Water Damage

Chances are that you may find a used jeep through an online salvage vehicle auction where the jeep is being sold for ‘pennies on the dollar.’ What if we told you that many of these could be flood damaged? To ensure that you don’t end up buying a junk, be vigilant and look out for signs of water-related damages. Some of the obvious signs of water damage are discolored or stained seat fabric, carpet peeling from the floor, and musty odour. Be wary of any new parts such as carpets, seats or dashboards, as there is a good chance that these parts may have experienced chronic water damage.

Rust Spots

Rust is a major problem in areas with a cold climate. That, however, doesn’t mean that rust in vehicles is confined to only the cold areas. Even if you live in a location that has a moderate climate, rust might still be feasting on the floor or door panels of a Jeep you are planning to purchase. When checking a jeep for rust, check the underside first as the bottom of the vehicle tends to get impacted first. To get the jeep thoroughly inspected take it to a mechanic and ask them to put it on a lift. Once lifted, poke underneath the Jeep to look for any signs of rust on the frame rails, the exhaust, the wheel wells, and the suspension. Besides checking the underside, check the areas around the windshield, the doors. If you see any signs of paint bubbling there is a chance that it may burst later and lead to rusting in that area.

Improper Modifications

One of the best things about owning a jeep is that you can customize it according to your personal taste or preference. Chances are that the seller selling the Jeep would have made some modifications to it already. While you may like some modifications and might want to keep them after having bought the used Jeep, it is important to ensure that the modifications are done by a professional and approved by the concerned authority. Any improper installations or modifications may make the ride rough and might even lead to a reduced life span of the vehicle.

Last Few Words

Whether you are planning to buy a salvage Jeep Patriot La or a Jeep Langer, keep in mind all the four red flags mentioned in this post. If you are on the market looking for a used Jeep within your budget, you will find a wide range of salvage Jeeps for sale at Salvagebid.com. To participate in our online salvage vehicle auction and enjoy exclusive member perks, register today. To learn more about our bidding process, call (360) 347-1300.

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