4 Questions to Ask When Buying Used Equipment Online


Many industrial establishments turn to used equipment auctions instead of buying new equipment that usually come with heavy price tags. By participating in online industrial equipment auctions, buyers can choose from a wide selection of used equipment that other companies dispose of when they upgrade their setup or liquidate their assets. Although industrial equipment auctions offer an affordable way to meet your needs, make sure you ask the following four questions before putting your money down.

1. What is the condition of the equipment?

Though the question may seem obvious to many, but it skips the minds of many buyers. Many used equipment end up at auctions when companies sell them as scrap. Look up the equipment details to know the operating condition of the equipment. If you have any concerns, sites such as SalvageBid have a dedicated customer support to provide real-time assistance to customers on all their concerns related to participation, bidding, or any other aspect.

2. Is there a maintenance record?

Most of the companies in the heavy industries maintain detailed records of equipment maintenance, which provide a clear overview of how well they took care of the equipment. The records also show whether there were any recurring problems that might resurface in the future. Find out the gaps, if any, in the machine’s service history, and ask the reason for it. You may also ask for a record of operating hours to know if the machine were ever overworked.

3. Is it refurbished or in original condition?

Just like there are certain repairs and renovations that precede a plan to sell a house, companies may perform refurbishment before selling used equipment. So, it helps to ask the seller if any refurbishments have been performed on the industrial equipment you wish to buy. In case there were none, check if the selling price of the equipment reflects it.

4. Is there any warranty?

Before you close the deal, ask the seller if the equipment is under any warranty. This is important because sometimes you can find industrial equipment for sale that are still under warranty. If there is any warranty, as a buyer, it is your responsibility to read the terms and conditions in order to make the most of the remaining time period.

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