4 Motorcycle Riding Mistakes Most Beginners Tend to Make


You have learned how to ride a motorcycle and even started shopping for your first bike. Amidst all this excitement, have you considered paying attention to a few motorcycle riding mistakes that most newbies commit? It’s true that we learn from our mistakes and get better, but we also know that prevention is better than cure. Why commit a mistake that can be easily avoided? That said, we list four common mistakes that beginner motorcycle riders make. Read on.

  1. Not Keeping a Safe Distance from Other Vehicles

    It might take newbie some time to get an idea of the gap that should be between two vehicles. When you don’t leave enough room, there’s a possibility of hitting the other vehicle. At initial days, try not to get too close to the vehicle that’s ahead of your motorcycle. Also, refrain from riding at high speed, especially in heavy traffic areas.

  2. Stalling

    Stalling is annoying, especially when there’s a cue of traffic behind you at the traffic light. However, stalling is more about using the clutch lever at the right time. When the lever is pulled in, the bike will take off smoothly. Also, you need to leave clutch slowly while applying the full throttle. It might take time, but you will eventually learn the trick.

  3. Not using Counter Steering

    Every biker knows that you lean when you turn, not many apply the mechanism of counter steering. It might be a little difficult to make your mind and body accustomed to pressing right and left on handlebars while turning, but you need to understand that countersteering can make it easier for you to change the direction of a 500+ pounds bike easily. All that you need is a little practice to learn to provide steering input.

  4. Going on a Long Ride

    The thought of riding your motorcycle to a faraway location is thrilling, but it is something that new riders should be wary of. Riding for hours is tiring for your brain and body alike. If you are not habitual of driving for long distances, you might put your safety at risk. Also, you need to have some experience of riding on challenging roads. It takes patience and practice to prepare yourself for a long ride on the mean machine.

The Wrap Up

Riding a motorcycle could prove to be fatal, especially when you lack experience and guidance. Keep the above-listed pointers in mind to ensure a safe and pleasant trip. For those who want to practice before buying their expensive, mean machine, it is better to check out motorcycle auctions in USA that offer used and salvage motorcycles at low prices. Also if you have any questions, or are looking for a wrecked motorcycle for sale, simply call us at SalvageBid at +1 (360) 347-1300, or fill out our contact form and we will get back with you, shortly.

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