4 Good Reasons Why You Should Bid on a Pickup Truck


If you’re looking for a salvage car but still aren’t sure what type you need, take a look at a pickup truck. Extremely comfortable, reliable, and stylish pickup trucks are an iconic American vehicle. Many are loaded with helpful features.

As a trusted Insurance Auto Auction online broker, Salvagebid offers a wide variety of salvage trucks and other vehicles online. If you don’t think a pickup may be the best option for you, here are 5 reasons why you should bid on a pickup truck on Salvagebid

Smart and safe

Pickup trucks are bigger and heavier than cars meaning they are more firm on the road and are often safer when involved in a collision. According to Edmunds.com “…the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has found that a heavier vehicle will typically push a lighter one backward during the impact. As a result, there is less force on the occupants of the heavier vehicle and more on those in the lighter vehicle, according to IIHS. The organization’s fatality data bears this out.”

Also, many modern pickup trucks are outfitted with improved safety features, such as smart brakes, electronic stability control systems, airbags, etc. And you can find a variety of salvage pickups manufactured within the last few years through Salvagebid auto auctions. 

Great for off-road and winter driving

If you live in US regions where winters are severe enough to leave your car in the garage, a pickup truck is what you need. While sedans and coupes can get stuck in the snow, pickups can navigate inclement weather easily. Their four-wheel-drive system will help you navigate over the slippery, icy roads and other rough terrains. 

Truly powerful and roomy

Pickup trucks are recognized as some of the most powerful vehicles among those with four-wheel-drive. Many base models start with 360 – 440 horsepower and have incredible towing and hauling capacity. If you’re hauling equipment or recreational vehicles, a pickup is a must-have.

They also have a lot of legroom in the front and enough room for your passengers to travel in comfort with an extended cab. 

Cheap and affordable

A pickup truck is often cheaper than a large SUV and more efficient in terms of towing and hauling capability. When buying a pickup truck, you get a vehicle that can serve various needs and get the most for your money.

Modern pickup trucks made a step towards improving their gas mileage. They now use technology that allows better fuel efficiency, such as “active fuel management” that automatically deactivates engine cylinders when possible, so that a truck uses less fuel compared to older models

Find your pickup truck on Salvagebid. Since Salvagebid offers a huge inventory of used vehicles directly from IAA, you can find a lot of deals on pickup trucks on our website. Many are run and drive verified and some lots still have relatively low mileage. No worries if you can’t find the right pickup truck right away – we regularly renew the inventory, so that you can find what you really want. So, go to Salvagebid.com and find a pickup truck that suits all your needs!

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