4 Focus Areas when Purchasing Salvage Industrial Equipment


If you or your business requires industrial equipment, but you are low on budget, then industrial equipment auctions can be of great help. Industrial equipment auctions offer a number of salvage industrial equipment for sale, many of which require only minimal repairs before you can put them to use. Used industrial equipment is affordable, and Salvagebid gives you access to great packages from the best brands. However, you need to take a few precautions when buying salvage industrial equipment available online for sale. To help, here are four focus areas you should know when buying salvage industrial equipment.

1. Equipment History

The first and the most important step is to check the history of the salvage industrial equipment available for sale. Looks can be deceptive and you may never know what’s the real story behind a piece of industrial equipment. That’s why every we include a VIN in every salvage or industrial equipment listing on our website, to help you make an informed buying decision, and stay of any fraud. By using a VIN, you can find out if the vehicle was ever seized or damaged due to flood, repairing which can be more cost-intensive.

2. Operating Hours

A machine’s age does not matter as long as it is good enough to solve your purpose. That said, what you need to focus on when purchasing any salvage industrial equipment for sale is to find out the number of hours it has been in operation rather than its age. Industrial equipment are built to take some serious abuse, unlike cars, and if you are able to find a package that was not used very heavily, you could get a high return on your investment.

3. Leaks and Fluids

Learn more about the condition of the industrial equipment, whether it is a tractor or a forklift, by checking for leaks. Look under the machine and if you see any oil stains, these can be signs of leaks. Also monitor the condition of the engine oil. If you see any metal particles or any other type of contamination, this could be an indication of internal engine issues. Consult a mechanic to find out the exact reason behind the issue.

4. Weird Noises

Strange noises, such as hiccups, burps, or metal clanking are another indication that there’s something with a machine. Although a strange noise in the industrial equipment you are purchasing could be a due to minor issue, make sure that you do not ignore the condition. It is always advisable to test-drive any vehicle before you decide to purchase it. Salvagebid allows its members to visit the industrial equipment auction site so that you can inspect the machine in person (for a $25 fee) before you decide to purchase it.

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Purchasing industrial equipment can be a cost-intensive investment, as you can go from pillar to post in the hunt. That’s where online industrial equipment auctions come in as a better solution, by enabling you to choose from a wide range of salvage industrial equipment at the most affordable prices and in the most convenient way. To browse through available industrial equipment for sale at Salvagebid, click this link. To learn about the bidding process, click here, or speak to one of our representatives at +1 (360) 347-1300.

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