3 Steps to Follow After Buying a Salvage Car


So, you bought a salvage car from Salvagebid’s online auto auction and now you’re wondering what to do next. On Salvagebid, everything is pretty easy, and you’ll need to follow only 3 steps to finalize your purchase.

1. Pick up the vehicle and order shipping

When all payments are completed, you can arrange for the vehicle to be picked up from the auction yard and shipped right to your location in the US or worldwide. The vehicle must be picked up within 3 business days including the sale date, otherwise, auction facilities will charge storage fees. 

Vehicle shipping can be pretty challenging, so you’ll need the services of a specialist. We recommend contacting our reliable shipping partner, EasyHaul. There, you can get an instant guaranteed shipping quote online and place a shipping order right away after registration. 

Depending on your destination, your vehicle will be shipped by truck or boat. Also, you’ll be able to track your order and get notifications about your shipping status. 

2. Re-register a vehicle

You can’t legally drive salvage vehicles before they’re issued a rebuilt title. If you want to drive a salvage vehicle on public roads, you need to repair it first and have it inspected by your local DMV. Don’t forget that you can’t drive the car to the DMV office by yourself, you’ll have to have it towed there.

Once you paid the inspection fees and successfully passed the inspection itself, you can apply for the re-branded title. Your vehicle will finally get a “Rebuilt” salvage title issued so that you can drive it and even sell it. 

One more thing to note: if your vehicle received a salvage title in another state, you’ll possibly have to inspect it and re-register in that state. We recommend checking your state’s regulations before buying a vehicle on Salvagebid. 

3. Purchase an insurance

If you owned a car before, you know that every vehicle being driven on the road must be insured. Insuring a car with a “Rebuilt” title is not as easy as purchasing insurance for a new vehicle, but it is possible. 

Some insurance companies will only offer liability for salvage vehicles, while others won’t cover rebuilt salvage title cars at all, as they consider salvage vehicles to have no value. So, be ready to spend some time searching for a fitting insurance company. 

Buy on Salvagebid

Now you know what to do after buying a used car. If you have reservations about buying a car with a salvage title, check out all of our available clear title vehicles on Salvagebid. Many vehicles fall under for a “Remarketing Division” loss type and get to salvage yards in perfect condition. So, be attentive when choosing a salvage car and happy hunting on Salvagebid.com! 

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