3 Industrial Equipment You May Find in Salvage Auctions


If you always thought people browse salvage auction websites only for cars and motorcycles, you’re far from the truth. Sites such as SalvageBid also provide many other exciting deals such as jet skis, dirt bikes, boats, RVs, trailers, snowmobiles and ATVs. Industrial equipment is another resourceful category of wrecked machinery you can find in online salvage auctions. Let’s take a look at some of three of the many oddities you may find in industrial equipment auctions.

1. Balers

Some, if not all farmers, will be familiar with Balers, an equipment used to trip and rake hay, straw, cotton and similar crops. Recycling industries also use balers to treat metal, plastic or paper in a similar way as they treat crops. Balers have been around for as long as the start of the 19th century and second as a transportation vehicle. There is more than one type of balers, and the points of consideration while choosing an appropriate one lies in whether you want one for short-haul or long-haul transport, and of course, the projected work-load.

2. Cotton Strippers

Cotton strippers are a must-have for cotton harvesters; they can reduce the work of several days down to just a few hours. Strippers are not complex machines, in fact, it only takes one rudimentarily trained operator to make their way around a cotton field. The most evident benefits of using cotton strippers are:

  1. Decreased labor force
  2. Low chances of losing cotton while harvesting in strong winds
  3. Decreased number of equipment in the field
  4. Time efficiency

Tricycle Tractors

Though there are not many utilitarian advantages that tricycle tractors, sometimes dubbed as ‘tricycles’, offer over regular tractors, farmers and auto enthusiasts alike collect and use them for their aesthetic uniqueness. There are a few maneuverability related advantages that tricycle tractors offer over good old four-wheeled ones such as easy maneuverability in tight areas or when you have to make an excessive number of turns.

Balers, cotton strippers and tricycles are only a few examples of unique industrial equipment you can hope to find in a salvage yard. We urge you to go through our listings to see the other exciting ones. Should you have any questions about any of the equipment listed with us, feel free to connect with our team of representatives.

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