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10 Common Uses of ATVs Bought from Salvagebid


Built to tackle challenging terrain, all-terrain vehicles, or ATVs for short, are used for a wide range of purposes that include both work and recreation. Generally used as off-road vehicles, ATVs come with powerful engines and special radial ply tyres with a more pronounced tread than conventional passenger car tyres. Salvagebid has an extensive inventory of wrecked and salvage ATVs for sale, allowing you to find the right ATV for your requirements, be it recreation or work. We’re sharing ten common uses of ATV bought from Salvagebid. Take a look.

1. Construction Work

ATVs are used in construction sites for hauling trailers, supplies, and transporting workers. You can find a number of ATVs specially built for construction work capable of seating multiple passengers.

2. Surveying

The off-roading capabilities of ATVs make them an ideal choice for surveying forest lands, farmlands, and other challenging terrain. ATVs with mounted GPS systems are often used for surveying land and gathering data.

3. Plowing Snow

ATVs are used to plow snow and keep the driveway clear in areas that see snowfall during winters. While ATVs can’t plow wet and heavy snow, they can be used for clearing the driveway after a night of light to moderate snowing.

4. Oil Exploration

The oil and gas industry uses ATVs for exploring tough terrain when searching for oil reserves. They are also used for hauling supplies and tools once the oil drilling begins.

5. Emergency Medical Services

When dealing with accidents in off-road terrain and snow, ATVs are used as mini-ambulances. ATVs for emergency medical services are generally equipped with attachments to carry EMS longboards.

6. Land Management

Agriculture, reforestation, and water resource management demand regular land management, requiring workers to drive across challenging terrains regularly. Due to their off-road capabilities, ATVs have evolved as a reliable tool for land management.

7. Wildland Fire Control

Forest fires have a devastating effect and often lead to the loss of soil fertility and increased carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. ATVs can be used for quickly reaching the site of fire in wildlands and facilitate immediate firefighting response.

8. Mineral Exploration

Several forestlands where mining exploration occurs have suffered from heavy erosion, making them inaccessible to conventional vehicles. ATVs, therefore, are used for driving through such challenging terrain for mineral exploration.

9. Transporting Supplies

ATVs can be used for transporting supplies on farms and are a great alternative to tractors and trucks. When looking to carry a small batch of supplies, using ATVs can be a wiser choice, whereas heavy-duty tasks can be done by tractors and trucks.

10. Mowing Grass

ATVs with lawn mower attachments are now gaining popularity in lawn care. Equipping an ATV with a mower deck attachment or pull-behind mower can make it a reliable lawn mower.

The Final Word

While ATVs are sought-after for recreational and adventure riding, they make equally commendable vehicles for commercial purposes and work requirements. If you are looking to own an ATV but do not wish to spend a fortune over a new one, check out Salvagebid’s extensive inventory of wrecked ATVs for sale. Register using your Google or Facebook account to start bidding. To learn more about salvage ATVs for sale or discuss your requirements, simply call +1 (360) 347-1300 between 6:00 AM and 3:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time), Monday through Friday, or email at support@Salvagebid.com.

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