Biker Lingo for New Bike Owners

Up Close with Biker Lingo for New Bike Owners


Whether your dream of owning a motorcycle has finally come true or you are still looking for the best deals, it helps to be aware of the common terms used in the subculture. After all, you don’t want to come across as an outsider when you finally join your first riding group! If you are looking for salvage sport bikes for sale, you have come to the right place, but before you start exploring our massive inventory of clean and wrecked motorcycles for sale, let’s start with some groundwork. Read on as we present a list of some of the commonly used terms in the world of motorcycling. 

Ape Hangers

Ape hangers, or simply “apes”, is a term used to refer to exceptionally tall handlebars that are characteristic of cruiser motorcycles. 


Short for the word “adventure,” ADV is used to refer to both a type of bike and a style of riding that can be either on or off-road.


Short for antilock braking system, ABS is a safety technology that offers smooth retardation of the bike when the brakes are applied. 


A fairly common term in the automotive world, “aftermarket” is used to refer to any parts that are not made by an OEM (original equipment manufacturer). 


As the name suggests, the term backbone is used to refer to the top tube of a motorcycle’s frame, typically used to mount the fuel tank.


A particular type of motorcycle with a low stance and riding position, and other class characteristics such as shortened fenders. 

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Bore is a term used to refer to the internal diameter of the combustion cylinder of an engine, which indicates its capacity and power. 

Cafe Racer

A style of motorcycle originated in the UK, cafe racers are characterized by low handlebars, rear-set footpegs, and loud pipes. 


Also called engine displacement, CC (cubic centimeter), is a term used to refer to the overall capacity of an engine. 

Crash Bars

Crash bars is a term used to refer to the frame that protrudes sideways, to protect the motorcycle in the event of a fall. 


Dressed is a term generally used to refer to a large motorcycle that features a complete set of touring accessories, such as windshield and saddlebags.

Exhaust Wrap 

This term is used to refer to an insulating material (typically cloth) that is wrapped around the exhaust pipes to retain heat and prevent accidental burns. 


The word fairing is used to refer to the bodywork at the front of a motorcycle, which is designed to improve aerodynamics. 

The Last Word

While this is a fairly brief list of the terms used in the world of motorcycling, we are sure you’ll catch up with the rest once you have brought home your favorite machine. Register with us at Salvagebid today and take your pick from an ever-growing inventory of options, including a range of city, touring, adventure and sport bikes for sale. If you have any questions about our auctions or any of the clean or wrecked motorcycles for sale in our inventory, simply call +1 (360) 347-1300, Monday through Friday, 7am to 4pm (Pacific Standard Time). 

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