Cars You Can Buy at Salvagebid’s Classic Car Auctions

Top 5 Cars You Can Buy at Salvagebid’s Classic Car Auctions


If you’re a classic car enthusiast or a collector in search of your next restoration project, Salvagebid’s auto auctions offer a treasure trove of timeless beauties. From iconic Mercedes-Benz and Porsche models to British classics and American legends, there’s something for every vintage car lover. In this article, we will explore a few classic car models that you can find at Salvagebid’s classic car auctions and embark on a journey to bring them back to their former glory.

Mercedes-Benz 190 SL

The Mercedes-Benz 190 SL is a classic roadster that exudes elegance and sophistication. With its sleek lines and luxurious interior, this model represents the epitome of automotive design from the 1950s. Salvagebid’s auctions occasionally feature 190 SLs that require restoration due to various reasons, such as collision damage or mechanical issues. Acquiring a salvaged 190 SL not only gives you the chance to own a piece of automotive history but also presents an opportunity to showcase your craftsmanship and revive this iconic beauty.

Porsche 928

The Porsche 928 is a grand tourer that marries performance and luxury in a timeless package. Designed to be the flagship model of the German automaker, the 928 features a distinctive body style and a powerful V8 engine. Salvagebid’s auto auctions occasionally list 928s that require some love and attention. Acquiring a salvaged 928 allows you to delve into the world of Porsche restoration and unleash the full potential of this underappreciated classic.

MG Midget

The MG Midget is a charming British sports car that captured the hearts of many enthusiasts. Known for its nimble handling and affordable price, the Midget provided an accessible entry point into the world of open-top motoring. Salvagebid’s auctions occasionally feature MG Midgets that are awaiting restoration. Owning a salvaged Midget allows you to embrace the classic British motoring experience and bring this spirited little roadster back to life.

Ford Thunderbird

The Ford Thunderbird, often referred to as the “T-Bird,” is an American icon that symbolizes the golden era of American automotive design. With its sleek lines, powerful engines, and luxurious features, the Thunderbird exemplifies the spirit of the open road. Salvagebid’s auto auctions occasionally include Thunderbirds from various generations that require restoration. Acquiring a salvaged Thunderbird gives you the opportunity to revive this American legend and relish the nostalgia of a bygone era.

Cadillac Brougham

The Cadillac Brougham is a classic luxury sedan that epitomizes opulence and comfort. With its spacious interior, plush seats, and smooth ride, the Brougham provided a pinnacle of luxury for discerning buyers. Salvagebid’s auctions occasionally list salvaged Cadillac Broughams that can be transformed into stunning examples of automotive craftsmanship. Owning a salvaged Brougham allows you to indulge in the grandeur of classic Cadillac styling and restore this elegant cruiser to its former glory.

Wrap Up

When participating in Salvagebid’s auto auctions, it’s important to approach each purchase with thorough research and a keen eye for potential restoration challenges. Assess the condition of the vehicle, evaluate repair costs, and consider the availability of parts before placing your bid. Engaging with reputable mechanics and restoration experts can also provide valuable insights and guidance throughout your restoration journey. If you have any questions about our classic car auctions or any of the vehicles featured in our inventory, simply call: +1 (360) 347-1300, Monday through Friday, 7am to 4pm (Pacific Standard Time) or email at:

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