The Mighty S1000RR Bike, A Special Choice for Bikers


Bmw Motorcycle

Best of the Best 2010 (Robb Report), Motorcycle of the Year 2010 (, Best Superbike of 2010 (Cycle World), and “Machine of the Year” and “Sports Bike over 751cc” 2010 (Motorcycle News- United Kingdom)… these are just a few feathers in the cap of the mighty BMW S1000 RR Bike.

Ever since I moved to college I wanted a bike. However, with my part time job and the monthly apartment rental, it seemed like a faraway dream. That was, until a friend introduced me to damaged BMW S1000 RR Auctions. I was a bit apprehensive about buying a bike online, but he convinced me to give it a try!

I searched online and found a big number of auto auction websites. I am an avid online shopper, but this trend of buying automobiles online really surprised me! I decided to be a member of one of the leading auction websites; it was a free membership. I saw the huge line up of bikes on the website and made a list of the models that appealed to me. I found salvage BMW S1000 RR Bike on sale. Once I got the membership and placed a refundable security deposit online, I was ready to bid.

As luck would have it, I won the live auction where a dealer represented my bid. The auction website immediately sent me the winning notification and payment details in an email. I made the complete payment by wire transfer and even arranged to get the bike transferred to me by the auction website. It was so simple and convenient. Moreover, the online auction helped me get my own bike with just a few mouse clicks. I had never thought that online bike auctions could be so much fun.

Thanks to the auction, I was able to buy my dream bike cheap. Yes, it involved some repair and additional costs, but the purchase was still the best bargain I could have gotten! I love to zip around town on my bike. I have been in love with the online auto auctions since I got my bike.

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