Motorcycle Gymkhana: Everything About the Motorsport

Motorcycle Gymkhana: Everything About the Motorsport


Motorcycle gymkhana is a specialized motorsport that involves riders navigating through a series of obstacles in a precise, coordinated, and skillful manner. Today, it is practiced and enjoyed by riders all over the world who appreciate the technical challenges and excitement that come with competing in this unique motorsport. Let’s take a deeper look at this joyful motorsport.

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What Is Motorcycle Gymkhana?

What Is Motorcycle Gymkhana

The history of motogymkhana began somewhere in Japan. Motorcycle enthusiasts were seeking an affordable form of motorcycling that did not require expensive equipment and where anyone could participate on an ordinary street bike. The sport quickly caught on in the country and later spread around the world as an affordable and low entry threshold for amateur competition.

Today, motogymkhana is considered an official motorcycle sport in many countries around the world. The essence of the competition consists of fast maneuvering on a bike between artificial obstacles. In many cases, road cones serve as artificial obstacles, turning the ability to maneuver swiftly into a timed competition. According to the rules, success lies in minimizing track navigation time and executing a precise cone bypass.

The main challenge lies in controlling a high-speed sportbike to achieve the fastest lap time. In addition, the distance between cones on tracks may be less than the length of the vehicle. The speed of passing these cones with a radius of a couple of meters rarely exceeds 10–20 mph (20–30 km/h). The main factor in achieving great results here is the ability to have a perfect feel for balance and the bike. Sometimes, the motorcycle lies almost on the rider’s leg during tight corners.

You need to feel the limits of your abilities and the bike when it comes to motogymkhana. Controlling a fast sportbike and maintaining a tilt of at least 45° on standard asphalt can be challenging.

Basic Motorcycle Gymkhana Requirements

Basic Motorcycle Gymkhana Requirements

In general, all you need to participate in the competitions is a motorcycle with two wheels, registration, and a working brake light. The most popular bike types for motogymkhana are street and motard bikes. The main reason for choosing inexpensive motorcycles to participate in this motosport is that they often fall on their sides when training or racing in amateur competitions. So, you may face regular repairs and used motorcycle maintenance. However, there are no restrictions on motorcycle types, which means you can ride the track on a liter sportbike or a wide-touring and weighted motorcycle.

The vehicle must also have regular road tires that are not worn out. Slicks and supermoto tires are not allowed. There must be no sharp corners or parts sticking out of the bike or its parts anywhere, and the bike itself must not make any noise above 100 dB. Regarding the rider, the only requirements are that they need to wear a cross-face or full-face helmet, elbow and palm protection, and  knee pads.

Benefits Motogymkhana Provides to Riders

Benefits Motogymkhana Provides to Riders

Apart from being an enjoyable and accessible public motorcycle sport, motogymkhana also enhances your ability to intuitively connect with your bike as an extension of your body. Moreover, you can discover the limits of a vehicle’s stability and control at low speeds. Those who are familiar with motogymkhana only through videos think that they can easily pass tight corners by tilting the bike, as they do on higher-speed tracks. In practice, some riders choose to navigate the course without leaning or tilting the bike, while others may opt to lean to the side right from the beginning.

Training sessions help beginners and competitors develop a keen sense of balance and timing, enabling them to anticipate when a bike might tip or remain stable, especially when riding at low speeds on a new bike. A rider can and should also learn how to brake properly in corners and be able to perfectly control the bike in its current position.

Motogymkhana allows for a high level of skill in the basic aspects of motorcycle control. This is very useful for motorcycle beginners who have not been on public roads because, in practice, they will learn a huge base of skills that are applicable to any motorcyclist in the city. After motorcycle enthusiasts learn the very basics of motogymkhana, they will feel much more confident in the city.

Wrapping Up

Motorcycle gymkhana is an exciting motorsport that combines skill, precision, and speed. Riders of all levels can enjoy navigating challenging courses and mastering tight maneuvers. However, you need great riding skills to participate in gymkhana competitions.

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