Misconceptions About Motorcycle Insurance You May Meet

Misconceptions About Motorcycle Insurance You May Meet


Experienced motorcycle riders know that choosing the best bike isn’t the only thing that matters for joyful and confident rides. To get peace of mind, powersports enthusiasts should also consider obtaining comprehensive motorcycle insurance that can cover unexpected expenses. However, it’s easy to get lost in the number of motorcycle insurance offers available on the market. As a result, riders may get confused. To keep our community of motorcycle lovers up-to-date, we at Salvagebid have gathered the most common misleading statements concerning motorcycle insurance that can puzzle motorists.

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Not Paying Attention to the Motorcycle Insurance Score

Not Paying Attention to the Motorcycle Insurance Score

Today, insurance companies have widely adapted a credit score model, which is used by financial institutions to check how reliable a borrower is. Insurers use it to outline what insurance rates can be offered to a certain person. An insurance score can tell how likely it is that a motorcycle rider will apply to the insurance company with a claim as a result of an insurance case.

As a rule, credit scores do not influence insurance scores, but some factors like credit card payment history, the presence of debts, and so on may be considered. In addition, insurance scoring doesn’t cover your income, age, or education as it does in forming your credit score. Insurance companies just need to verify that you are a reliable person.

Thinking that Collision and Comprehensive Coverage Can Be Used Interchangeably

Thinking that Collision and Comprehensive Coverage Can Be Used Interchangeably

When you are searching for motorcycle insurance, you should be aware of different coverage types and be able to distinguish them. This especially refers to collision and comprehensive coverages, which are often confused by motorists.

When you hit another bike, or get hit yourself, collision motorcycle insurance coverage comes into play. When you apply to an insurance company with this claim, you will be refunded the cost of repairing your motorcycle.

Speaking of comprehensive coverage, it is focused on reimbursement of damage your motorcycle received as a result of a natural disaster, theft, vandalism, and other emergencies caused by external factors.

Note that collision and comprehensive motorcycle coverage both refer only to damage received to your bike. To cover losses caused by you to another vehicle, consider property damage liability coverage.

Neglecting the Medical Payments Insurance Because You Have Health Insurance

Neglecting the Medical Payments Insurance Because You Have Health Insurance

Since riding a motorcycle is a dangerous activity, it would be great for riders to obtain an extra layer of protection. Medical Payments Insurance, otherwise known as MedPay, is a great option for it.

However, often motorcycle riders neglect MedPay coverage (which is optional in many US states) because they suggest regular health insurance will solve the issue in the case of an emergency. The point is that health insurance may not cover medical bills in many cases, and there are situations when individuals lose their health coverage. The truth is that MedPay serves as a useful supplement to health insurance, allowing for more comprehensive protection for bikers on the road. So, it is important to get proper motorcycle insurance that can ensure the full safety of a rider.

Expecting the Insurance Company to Refund the Full Motorcycle Value

Expecting that Insurance Company Will Refund the Full Motorcycle Value

There are cases when your motorcycle may be considered totaled after an accident. Obviously, you will want to get the bike price back. However, it will not be easy. The reason is that motorcycle insurance will not cover the entire cost of replacing a stolen or damaged motorcycle, though there is often a misconception that it would.

However, most motorcycle insurance policies only cover the actual value of your used motorcycle as of the time of the occurrence. So, you should be aware that if the bike’s price has decreased over time, the insurance payout will also reflect this drop. To understand how it works in a specific case, read the motorcycle insurance terms and conditions carefully or ask for a detailed explanation from the insurer.

The Bottom Line

When buying a used motorcycle, it is also important to think about proper insurance coverage that will cater to the rider’s needs. However, motorcycle insurance has many factors you should take into account when deciding on it. Different misconceptions may occur when faced by confusing types of motorcycle coverage and a simple misinterpretation of the insurance policy’s terms and conditions, It can lead to many future problems. That is why conducting comprehensive research will give you peace of mind and a complete understanding of how motorcycle insurance works.

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