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Land Rover Discovery 4: Reviewing the Perfect Off-roader


Land Rover Discovery is one of the safest bets for those who are looking for a large, old-fashioned 4×4, with a blend of progressive technologies and style elements. Since the introduction of its first generation in 1989, the Discovery has undergone a number of transformations, with the most recent revamp introduced by the company in 2014 – named Discovery 4. The package, however, sets you back by a generous amount, if you opt for a new model. Therefore, for those who want to drive the swanky SUV that has ruled the roads for more than two decades, without having to break the bank, going for a salvage variant is a possible way out.

Let’s look at some technical specifications and features of the 2014 Land Rover Discovery, which make it a vehicle worth your money.

Technical Specifications

Land Rover Discovery 4 is propelled by a massive 3.0-liter V6 turbo diesel power-trail producing 442lb ft of torque at 2,000 rpm. The car comes with comprehensive safety features, including blind-spot monitoring and T-junction cameras, and weighs close to 5000 pounds, which explains its laudable stability and drive quality. Under the gear shift is an eight-speed automatic gearbox that allows you to reach 0-60 mph in just 8.8 seconds. The SUV gives a mileage of 32.5 mpg in the city and a combined mileage of 35.3 mpg.


Land Rover Discovery 4 is a classic seven-seater with plenty of space. The boot space, however, shrinks when all the seven seats are in use, but when the rear seats are folded flat, there’s ample room for luggage. The seats and steering wheel have an array of adjustment options, so finding the perfect driving position will not be a challenge, no matter the height or weight of the passengers. Thanks to its tall-body design, a flat bonnet, refreshingly large windows, and near-vertical rear body design; the Discovery 4 offers great visibility, and therefore, is fairly easy to drive for its size. The driver gets an excellent view of the road, which makes parking and city driving a sheer breeze.


The exterior changes in Land Rover Discovery 4 are subtle. It comes with front bumper headlights and grille, more curvaceous door mirrors, fog light bezels, and new alloy wheel designs. The optional “Black Design Pack” comes with an extra black trim and black alloy wheels. The most noticeable change in the car is the new badge “Discovery” changing the old “Land Rover” badge on the bonnet. The engine badging has moved from the tailgate to panels on the front doors. The external changes have made the Discovery 4 more in-line with the rest of the today’s Land Rover range.

Last Few Words

Land Rover Discovery 4 is ideal for long-distance travel as the suspension takes care of most of the bumps on the road surface, especially when the vehicle is at a high speed. The car feels more upmarket than the Toyota Land Cruiser and has a premium feel. If the thought of buying a new Land Rover Discovery looks impractical, the car experts at SalvageBid suggest you to check out the salvage models on our website. If you wish to learn more about bidding, payment, and shipping options, feel free to speak with one of our representatives.

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