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The Kia Sportage is a compact crossover SUV that offers a lot of value for the money to its owner. The first generation of this vehicle came back in 1993 as a rear-wheel drive vehicle. It was a jeep-like vehicle, which faced stiff competition from various cars in the same category and was discontinued in 2002. The second generation Kia Sportage was launched in the year 2004.

The 2004 series of the Kia Sportage was a crossover SUV, but it had lost its off-road maneuverability. Many changes were introduced in this car, most notably, the introduction of the V-6 engine to improve its powertrain. In 2008, a completely new version of the Sportage was launched with a significant facelift.

The features of this and the launch of the third version in 2011 meant that buyers got excellent value for their money. The 2011 and later models offer excellent mileage with a 2.4 liter, V-6 engine for its powertrain. Many people don’t particularly care for the usual styling of Kia cars, but to them, the Sportage is a great option as it has an elegant, curvaceous frame; much like the Hyundai Tucson.

Buying a Salvage Kia Sportage

SalvageBid offers a wide range of salvage Kia Sportage from all three generations and of different models. You can get a 1998 model as well as one as recent as 2013. Use our vehicle search box to find a list of the available cars. Make sure you check out all the vehicle details before placing a bid. In particular, check the damage and loss type and take a look at the clear pictures on our website.

Good mileage and powerful engines make the Kia Sportage an excellent choice in the used or salvaged vehicle category. It is a good pick whether you are looking to buy your first car, or if you are simply looking for a car to take on weekend picnics on off-the-road terrain.

The salvage Kia Sportage from 2008 onwards has all the safety features that are important for teenagers. In case you are a parent looking to gift your teenaged child a car, a reputed Insurance Institute advises that heavier vehicles should be preferred. The Sportage fits that description and some of the later versions of the car also come with additional safety features that models prior to 2006 did not have. Simply register with us online for a convenient and safe auction experience through

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