All for the Luxury of a Mercedes Benz


Way back in the 1970s, singer Janis Joplin recorded the song, “Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz?” The song echoes the wish of millions of Mercedes lovers even today! When one thinks of a luxury automobile, the name of this epitome of cars stands above the rest, and people would do just about anything to own one!

Mercedes Benz

Well, with SalvageBid, you really don’t have to do much to buy one! Just participate in a simple and exciting online auction, through our website. Who knows, you might end up driving your own Mercedes Benz through the auto auction.

Our rich inventory of automobiles is sure to have one that you have always wanted to drive. Our site brings you more than 50,000 vehicles to choose from, at any given time. You can bid on vehicles from more than 700 auction locations. Be it truck, SUV, motorcycle or any other vehicle, you can chose from our huge inventory that is updated every week.

With the convenience of online bidding, the auction process has become much easier, faster and of course, it makes luxury car ownership affordable too! In fact, if you are up to bidding on salvage Mercedes Benz in our auto auction, you might save thousands on the car you love! Even if you have to spend some extra money to get the car back on the road, salvage cars still make an affordable deal.

To participate in the auction, interested buyers need to register online and be a member on Membership is absolutely free. Once online registration is complete, members can access thousands of vehicles listed on our website from a computer or any other mobile device. However, to start bidding on a chosen vehicle, members need to place an online security deposit.

Before you decide on your vehicle, go through the details of the shortlisted vehicles, do some research using tools such as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the fee calculator and the shipping calculator to get a fair idea of how much the vehicle would eventually cost you. This way you can place a thoughtful and realistic bid. Also, do not forget to go through our “Support Center”; this will help you understand the online auction process better!

After a preliminary online auction, we will represent the highest online bidder at a live auction and try to win the chosen vehicle at the bid amount. However, the final amount could be less than that too!

Sounds interesting, right? Well, we are waiting to connect with you. Send us an email, or call us now; our representatives are always ready to listen to you. Participate in the online auto auction to drive around town in your own luxury car!

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