Additional Expenses to Consider When Buy a Salvage Car

Additional Expenses to Consider When Looking to Buy a Salvage Car


Buying a salvage car presents a great chance for you to save big money on your next car purchase. That said, you must not rush into a buying decision. Though the prices you’d find in salvage vehicle auctions are unbelievably low, you must not let them lure you into a regret-filled purchase. That’s because, in addition to the initial price of the vehicle, you will also have to take care of a number of other expenses, which is bound to increase the total cost of the vehicle, before it hits the road. In this article, we outline some such indispensable expenses. Read on. 


The first additional cost you’ll have to bear is shipping. While almost all leading platforms  hosting insurance auto auctions, including Salvagebid, have a shipping partner, at the end of the day, the buyers have to pay for the shipping. Before buying a salvage vehicle, therefore, it is important to contact a shipping company and get an estimate of the cost you’ll have to bear to get it shipped from the yard where it is stored to your location. 


Insurance is another cost that you must keep in mind before bidding in salvage auto auctions. As salvage cars have been deemed as a total loss in the past by their insurance companies, it can be hard to find a reputable insurance company willing to extend insurance coverage at a reasonable premium. That said, you can always contact multiple insurance companies or use any online insurance aggregator to get the required insurance at the minimum possible cost. 

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Title Change

Once a vehicle is given the salvage title, it cannot return to the road without a title change, even after it is completely restored. In order to get the title changed, the car must clear an inspection at the local DMV.  After getting the required repair and restoration, the car is to be submitted to the DMV for inspection. Bear in mind that in some states it is not possible to clear the salvage title, some states allow you to get a “rebuilt” title to certify your car as a revived salvage vehicle. 

The Final Word

Buying a salvage car through insurance auto auctions can prove to be a deal of a lifetime or a loss waiting to happen, depending upon how you evaluate your options. That’s the reason why our team of customer support professionals is always ready to help you at each step of the way, and help you get unmatched value for money. Register with us at Salvagebid to start bidding in our salvage vehicle auctions. If you have any questions, simply call +1 (360) 347-1300, Monday through Friday, 7am to 4pm (Pacific Standard Time).  

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