Used Car Valuation Guide

A Quick Guide to Determining The Value of a Used Car


Every year, millions of cars are sold in the used and salvage auto market in the USA, offering a plethora of opportunities for enthusiasts to buy their favorite vehicles. Having said that, it takes a keen eye and thorough knowledge of automobiles to land a great deal. If you are looking to buy a used or salvage vehicle, but are unsure about how to put a price on the deals, this article is for you. Read on as we present the key factors to consider to determine the value of a used or salvage car


The overall condition of a car is undoubtedly one of the primary factors deciding its market value. If a car is ready to hit the road, it will most likely cost more than a similar make or model in need of some repairs or maintenance before it can be put to task. 

Model Year

While the rule of thumb, in this regard, says, the newer the model the higher the price, it is not always the case. Limited edition models, for instance, tend to hold their value over a much longer period compared to similar mass-produced models. 

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When out to buy a used or salvage car, many people base their selection primarily on the appearance and performance of a car. While the approach may not be entirely wrong, it is equally important to consider the number of miles a car has. 

Trim Level

In a bid to address the much-diverse needs and wants of car buyers, automakers have been releasing multiple trims of same models, often having quite varying price points. Trim level, therefore, is another key consideration when looking to buy a used or salvage car.

Service History

This is another key factor that contributes towards the value of a used or salvage car. Cars that have been serviced at manufacturer authorized service centers, according to the prescribed guidelines, go at higher prices compared to erratically maintained ones.

Title Type

Title type is another factor that can have a great impact on the value of a car. Generally, clean title cars go at the highest prices, followed by clear title, rebuilt title, salvage title, and lastly, junk and flooded title. Junk and flooded title cars “cannot” be repaired.

Wrap Up

Those were some of the many factors that come together to decide the value of a used or salvage vehicle. If you are looking to buy a car at an affordable price through an accident car auction in the USA, you have come to the right place. Placed among the most trusted online car auction sites, Salvagebid gives you access to the largest auto auction inventory in North America. Register today to start bidding in our online auctions featuring accident cars for sale. If you have any questions, simply call +1 (360) 347-1300, Mon through Fri, 6am to 4pm (PST), or email at

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