5 Sporty Cars for Someone on a Budget


Following the Frankfurt Auto Show has got me thinking about top quality sports cars. It’s difficult to think of sports cars without considering top end brands such as BMW, Audi and Mercedes. All of whom were well represented at the Auto Show.

However, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing in the market for students, single parents, manufacturing workers and others with a limited income and a love of fast cars. Especially if you’re open to the idea of looking for something in an online auto auctions. While it is possible to find cars from leading auto manufacturers at an online auto auction, salvage title cars, in most cases, require substantial repairs. Given the cost of parts and mechanic fees associated with high priced brands, however, the whole process may turn out to be more expensive than you intended if you don’t proceed with caution.

To help avoid the pitfall of paying more in repairs than the car is worth, here are 5 fast and easy to restore sedans that can be easily repaired without having to break the bank.

Honda Civic

The first and perhaps the most predictable entry on the list, the much applauded Honda Civic has been a winner in all respects among the masses. It offers an ideal blend of luxury, speed and comfort, in a cost-effective package. To be more precise, the emphasis is on Honda Civic Si, which has a 2.4 liter-four cylinder engine that provides approx. 205 horsepower, besides a host of great features and specs.

VW Jetta

The Jetta is among the most recognized vehicles ever produced by the German car maker. It’s particularly popular in countries such as India and China, where people look for fast cars that also provide value for money. We specifically suggest for the VW Jetta GLI as it has a HP of 210, torque of 207 and a 6 speed transmission. No wonder, they say Jettas are fun to drive!

Buick Regal

Buick has successfully tapped into the affordable midsize sport sedan market with the introduction of the much celebrated Regal. Over five different generations, (including the 2014 ‘refresh edition’), Regal evolved into an elegant 4 door vehicle, backed by a 2.0 liter, 4 cylinder engine. Over the years, Regal has managed to keep its reputation of a luxury sports vehicle.

Ford Taurus

This car is the modern mid to full sized car perfect for American muscle enthusiasts. Introduced in 1986, this beast from Ford is now in its 6th generation. Ford named this one ‘Taurus’, meaning bull, for the strength and power it has packed into its sedan frame. The Taurus is an all-wheel drive, which allows it to generate an astonishing horsepower of 365 and a top speed of 110MPH. Even a new one can be a good deal at $28K; you may be able to put together an older model for less than $4k, if you start from a salvage yard.

Subaru WRX

Another excellent candidate for a salvage rebuild with speed is the Subaru WRX many of which are available in online auto auctions. When it comes to looks, this car combines a sleek modern design with a frame that calls back to American muscle cars. With a solid horsepower of 268 backed by a 2 liter, 4 cylinder engine with a twin scroll turbocharger and direct fuel injection.

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