What to Consider When You Buy a Salvage Sailboat

Things to Consider When You Buy a Salvage Sailboat


Investing in a salvage sailboat for sale is not something people do everyday. Given the cost involved, people often take months to assess their decision and options before they finally decide to go ahead with a deal. Having said that, the price points at which salvage boats for sale are listed often makes people lose track of their priorities, pushing them to make buying decisions in a haste. To help ensure that doesn’t happen with you, in this blog, we present some of the key things to consider when you buy a salvage boat through damaged boat auctions. 

Physical Damage

Physical damage is of course the first thing to check when buying a salvage boat. While all leading auto auction sites such as Salvagebid provide multiple high-definition images of the boats on sale, it is important that you take the time for a professional inspection. That’s because it can be difficult to assess whether a certain damage is due to regular wear and tear or due to an accident, just by looking at the photos. 

Key Components

Boat parts don’t come cheap, and therefore, the more functional a boat you are able to find, the better. Make a list of all the key components of the boat you are planning to buy, especially the highly priced ones, and check each one by one. Doing so will help you arrive at the final cost of ownership you would have incurred after paying for the repairs and maintenance the boat may need before it be put back into use.  

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HIN Check

Checking the HIN (Hull Identification Number) is another key step when buying a salvage sailboat for sale, as it gives you all the information you may need to make the right buying decision. There are many websites that charge a nominal fee to provide detailed reports of boats based on their HIN. All you need to do is find one such website and provide the HIN number of the boat you plan to buy, to get its detailed history. 

The Last Word

Buying a salvage boat for sale is an investment that will most likely stay with you for the foreseeable future. It is, therefore, that you take your time to assess your options and start bidding only when you are completely sure. If you need expert guidance in selecting the right option from our damaged boat auctions, our team of experienced and knowledgeable customer support professionals will be happy to help. You can connect with our customer service team at +1 (360) 347-1300, Monday through Friday, 7am to 4pm (Pacific Standard Time). 

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