Deck Boats For Memorable Cruises

5 Deck Boats for Memorable Cruises


When the weather is warm and the water is calm, there are a very few things that can offer more enjoyment than a deck boat. While they come in various styles, the one thing they offer above all is the additional seating or a deck in the bow area. These boats are not only ideal for family vacations, but can also be used for an array of watersport including tubing, wakeboarding or waterskiing. Loaded with an array of utilities, such as a ski-tow bar at the boat’s tail, pedestal seats with swivel action, bait wells, and angler rod storage for fishing enthusiasts, these boats offer the right mix of fun and relaxation. Regarding the question, ‘Which deck boat to purchase’, let’s look at five options that are sure to be worth every cent of your investment.

1. Hurricane CC 21 OB

At the top of our list, we have the Hurricane CC 21 OB that offers ample deck space, spacious lounges with angles backrests, and a wide-open bow design. The boat has a stowage locker, a 25-quart cooler, and an additional stowage under the cowl of the windshield on either side to tuck away all the beers and frozen edibles safely. For taller people, riding in closed space cabins might not be appealing. There’s, however, no dearth of head clearance on this boat with its high topsides, flat entry, and a non-curved profile, which suits everyone. The Hurricane’s tremendous power comes from the 200-hp Yamaha F200 four-stroke outboard engine, which helps propel the boat to an impressive 46.1 mph top speed at 5850 rpm on full throttle. Given the approximate 3,700 pound weight of the CC 21 OB, this speed is phenomenal, and the fuel burn of 19.8 gph is exceptional.

2. Cobalt 26 SD

Cobalt’s 26SD is one deck boat that strictly means business and comes with notable configurations. Cobalt is the first boat manufacturer to incorporate real wood appliqués and French stitching and has numerous intricate details that add to the charm of this impressive machine. Hosting parties out in the open seas was never a more luxurious affair, with the 26SD. The cockpit has both analog and digital gauges alongside in a single dial, along with stainless steel switches, which is pretty slick to operate. Additionally, Cobalt has an inventive swim step, an inlaid portion of the platform that could be swung down and outwards to create a submerged deck, for guests to sink their feets in the cool waters while the boat cruises forward.

3. Hurricane Crossfire 203

The Crossfire 203 breaks many norms associated with deck boats, with its inventive features such as the wakeboarding racks and customized “bullet” speakers, and refreshing design. Instead of a pedestal seat at the helm, we have a flip-up bolster seat with adjustable arm rests. Additionally, beneath the deck, we have Trevira, a continuous-filament polyester strip covering the hull-to-deck joint, an inspired move by the manufacturers. The material absorbs fiberglass resin and forms strong bonds with the coarse surfaces. Beneath the hull, there’s a custom-painted, 200 HP 4-stroke Yamaha F200 engine that offers a maximum cruising speed of 47mph, and average cruising speeds in the 30’s. For a family of four, the Crossfire 203 is the best suited deck boat out there in the market.

4. Sea Ray 290 Sundeck

The Sea Ray flaunts a power-packed performance 350 MAG engine, inside a sleek exterior, packed with aft-facing reclining lounge chairs and a head compartment safely tucked into the passenger side. Nothing beats the view of the receding waves laden with sea foam, while sitting in those aft-facing reclining chairs, sipping beer. Like the Cobalt, the Sea Ray also features a version of swing-down submersible swim-step, and incorporates the anchor console, boarding ladder and an optional windlass, all into an out-of-sight bow. On the boat, intricately put are stainless-steel hinges, and the foam SeaDek padding on the deck, to add the exquisite design of the boat, while the 350 MAG engine offers a cruise speed of 32 mph, providing that much talked about performance.

5. Four Winns TS222

Volvo-Penta and Four Winns have collaborated to develop the Forward Drive technology that has taken the deck-boat market by storm. This technology, first incorporated into the new TS222, minimizes the dangers of carbon monoxide and the station wagon effect, by placing the propellers in front of the directional skeg, a distance of 26-inches more than that of propellers in the DuoProp model, and the exhaust port at the rear end of the boat fully submerged. The rear exhaust port ensures that the emission gases reach the surface, at a position behind the rider. Additionally, the boat includes surf tabs(optional ) for wave tuning, 1,300 pounds of factory ballast, and the Zero Off speed control system. One of the most advanced deck boats that we have today, the Four Winns is definitely a keeper.

Wrapping Up

Modern deck boats are built to deliver excellent performance, which makes them ideal for all the water activities. The sturdy hull designs, wide platforms, and extensive features make deck boats the best proposition than most other options, as far as value for money is concerned. If purchasing new deck boats put pressure on your pockets, you can also look for pre-owned boats for sale or salvage boats for sale. SalvageBid has a large inventory various types of boats for sale. Check our inventory today. Should you wish to learn more about any of the options listed with us, give us a call at +1 (360) 347-1300 (Monday – Friday, 6am – 3pm PST). You can also send your questions to and we will be happy to help.

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